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BioSpear is an internationally recognized brand dedicated to providing the most unique and effective long term antimicrobial products in the world. 

From our U.S. headquarters in Houston Texas, and our European headquarters in Stourbridge England, BioSpear products are manufactured and distributed worldwide through our extensive network of distributors. 

Our goal is to help everyone clean, sanitize and protect themselves and their environment from the harmful effects of dangerous microbes. Our powerful BioSpear molecule utilizes a unique method of efficacy which prevents microbes from mutating and becoming ‘superbugs’, and with proper use, it can prevent outbreaks before they happen.


BioSpear mobilizes our long term antimicrobial molecule in all of our products to provide the maximum protection and peace of mind for you and everyone around you.

For virtually the same cost of your current sanitizing products, BioSpear can provide long lasting protection for virtually any surface up to 90 days with just one treatment. Our product line includes sanitizing wet wipes, sanitizing spray, foaming hand sanitizer and ready to use protectants for surfaces and even for your washing machine to provide long term protection for your laundry. 




Foaming Persistent Hand Sanitizer

 One of the most important keys to a good infection control program is hand sanitization. Having a visible and convenient way for employees and customers to effectively sanitize their hands is key to controlling cross contamination. Our non-alcoholic foaming hand sanitizer and moisturizer features a water-based non-drying formulation to rid hands of 99.999% of germs and bacteria. BioSpear hand sanitizer kills common germs that can cause illness in just 15 seconds. It dries quickly and will leave skin feeling moisturized without a sticky residue. No rinsing or towels required. Our hand sanitizer contains the same active BioSpear protective molecule that is used in all of our products.   

Sanitizing Wipes

 The hardest part about cleaning is the habit of actually doing it. People get busy. Surfaces get dirty. We know. That’s why we developed our wipes. BioSpear wipes easily and effectively clean and disinfect surfaces. At the same time, our wipes leave behind a bacteriostatic barrier that last for up to 30 days. Even if you miss a day or even a week, BioSpear has you covered. Our wipes are an amazing new way to clean and apply our technology conveniently and quickly with only one step and zero hassle and persistent protection. Available in 75ct, 100ct, and 150ct

Cleaning Spray


When the typical cleaners and disinfectant sprays dry, they are done! They stop working as soon as they dry on the surface. BioSpear isn’t typical. Once BioSpear dries, it KEEPS ON WORKING, dealing with germs using an invisible bacteriostatic barrier that lasts up to 30 days. No matter if it’s a countertop or changing table. BioSpear’s range of sprays and wipes are designed for every application- we have you covered. BioSpear Cleaning Spray is a single solution for cleaning virtually any hard surface. In one spray, you can clean and protect surfaces while simultaneously applying the active BioSpear ingredient that is in all of our products.